‘I thought I’ll never get this chance again so go for it’

August 02 2019
‘I thought I’ll never get this chance again so go for it’

Wells Blue School student Alex Mann became something of a celebrity himself when he was plucked from the crowd to sing with rapper Dave at this year’s Glastonbury Festival. Here, he describes what that moment was like, and what has happened since.

Have you been to Glastonbury before?

No I haven’t. This was my first time and my friends and I booked the tickets because we were taking our GCSEs this year and wanted to celebrate after they finished.

What did it feel like to be on that stage in front of so many people?

I was quite nervous to begin with but then just thought, I’ll never get this chance again so just go for it! Dave was really supportive when I was on stage too which really helped.

Did you know Dave was going to get someone up on stage?

Dave is one of my favourite rappers so I did know that he had got people up on stage at his previous gigs, and I obviously knew that one of his songs was Thiago Silva. I didn’t know he would do it on such a big stage though and I couldn’t believe that he chose me.

What do your friends think about what’s happening?

They are really excited and can’t believe it (neither can I!). We were all just there to have a good time and then this happened!

What’s happened since Glastonbury?

I’ve been really busy. Fortunately lots of producers hit me up so I went in the studio with some amazing people and created a track which has just been released.

And where do you think things might go for you in the future?

None of this was planned so I just want to have fun and see where it takes me. I obviously love music and am a massive fan. I’ve always written my own raps and now I’ll see if people are into it.