Advent windows will be ‘visual delight’

November 28 2018
Advent windows will be ‘visual delight’

A WELLS community is taking part in an Advent event with a difference this Christmas.

Twenty-four residents in St Thomas Street will be illuminating a window in their homes one day at a time from December 1 until all are lit up on Christmas Eve. Each window will display a specially created Christmas scene.

“There are an array of window themes to look forward to,” said organiser Shirley Offer.

“It will be a Christmas treasure hunt. Everyone chose their own themes and Advent numbers at an evening to plan the event in October. We thought we would struggle to find enough windows but we had more than enough people to take part, which really shows the strong community feel in the street.”

A new window will be illuminated each day at 4pm. Maps are available on posters in the street to tell visitors which window is being lit for the first time, as well as on the St Thomas Street Advent Windows website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

“We can’t wait to see everyone’s windows,” said Shirley.

“From an alpine village scene to snowflakes, angels, stars and a partridge in a pear tree, there’s going to be real visual delight for visitors.

“Tourists, schoolchildren, bus users and market day visitors will be uplifted just by passing through the street. It’s going to be a stop and stare event.”

There is also going to be a fundraising element – people are invited to post donations through the letterboxes of participating doors, with money raised going to the Elim Connect Centre in Wells and St Thomas’ Church.

“During any St Thomas Street event, it’s always important that the wider community benefits,” said Shirley.

“At our planning meeting the group decided any money donated through participating Advent Windows letterboxes would mainly go to the Elim Connect Centre as well as a small amount to St Thomas’ Church, both worthy causes.”

She added: “We want people to feel invited, excited and involved to see all the windows from 4pm each day.

“Please join us in our unique celebration of the Advent period in Wells.”