Amount of rubbish a growing problem

June 29 2021 2021/Rubbish.jpg

DELIGHTFUL as it is to see the cafe culture and consequent increase in visitors to the city, it is equally dispiriting to notice the amount of rubbish around the place.

Andy, the barrowman, does an excellent job clearing and takes his last load down to Union Street at 4.30pm on Saturday, leaving central Wells pristine.

By 9am on a Sunday morning the city is adorned with rubbish again.

This is not peculiar to one area of business, in fact most rubbish bins/sacks are dealt with efficiently according to the refuse contracts. Others clearly are not.

With a predicted, and encouraged, increase in visitors I would suggest this is a matter to be addressed urgently. I ask councils and councillors to engage with landlords, residents and larger businesses to work out a reasonable solution to the problem before high summer and school holidays arrive.

Shirley Garner
By email