Angels inspiring girls’ enjoyment of game

October 29 2020
Angels inspiring girls’ enjoyment of game

THE Wells Angels have been an integral part of Wells Rugby Football Club since they were first established in 2012.

Over the years, their successes and achievements have been continuously growing. Indeed, the team manager for the U15s, Allie White, is proud to say that last season, the U13s ended almost unbeaten with a full squad.

Maisie, who has been a rugby player for Wells RFC since she was in Year 7, explains that the club is a place where “you can be who you want to be, you don’t have to be a certain type of girl”.

Alix, who joined rugby less than a year ago, says that despite her lack of experience in the sport, she felt very welcomed by the team members, and the friendly supportive atmosphere was the reason for her to carry on.

The girls describe the ‘rugby spirit’ as different to any other women’s sport. In fact, in Allie White’s eyes, “the Wells Angels have a reputation for playing a strong, fair game”. She adds that “the girls show great respect for each other, their opponents and the game itself”.

According to Maisie, who now plays for the U18s, the training sessions have not changed dramatically since the pandemic kicked off. However, the girls now play touch rugby as opposed to full contact and are encouraged to sanitise equipment as often as possible. Although matches have officially been called off, some clubs in the area are playing a revised version of rugby with no contact called ‘Ready for Rugby’. The Wells Angels are hoping to participate in these fixtures soon.

Overall, the Wells Angels are a very welcoming rugby team where anyone who wishes to join can be assured “they will be part of a team which becomes like family”.

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• Picture: Paul Ballantyne