Any progress with Neighbourhood Plan?

March 28 2018

PLEASE can you help?

In the March 2018 issue of Wells Voice a report from Wells City Council said: “Many residents are concerned about parking and speeding problems in and around the city; local councillors are seeking to address these issues as they respond to the Mendip Local Development Plan and start to prepare the Wells Neighbourhood Plan.”

However in December 2016 the city council decided that “the current Wells Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group be discontinued” after two years of preparatory work, and four city councillors would “look at the best way to take forward the neighbourhood plan process”.

So can you tell us what the city councillors have achieved on the Wells Neighbourhood Plan since December 2016?

As members of Wells Civic Society we were part of the Wells Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, which did much to progress the plan for the benefit of local people.

Neighbourhood Plans are a new way for communities to help decide the future of the places where they live and work. It is supported by the Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem and Green parties.

Philip Welch
Adrian I’Anson

• In response, a spokesperson for Wells City Council issued this statement:

“The city council acknowledges and thanks the Civic Society for the work they put into preparation for the Wells Neighbourhood Plan.

“In line with national guidance and best practice, the city council has suspended work on the Wells Neighbourhood Plan during the consultation phase of the District Local Plan.

“WCC submitted detailed consultation comments to Mendip District Council, particularly in relation to open spaces in the city. As soon as MDC indicates what will be included in the Wells section of the Mendip Local Plan, the Neighbourhood Plan can be progressed. In the meantime, councillors have kept the framework for the Neighbourhood Plan under informal review, they have also attended training and information sessions, and are developing a network of relevant contacts in the community in readiness to move the project forward.”