Baffled by market decision

February 03 2021

I AM baffled to hear of the reduced trading hours for Wells market.

This move can hardly contribute to making shopping more Covid-secure as despite being in the open air, a big plus, restricting operating time will surely result in a higher density of customers all dodging about to socially distance.

I understand the traders were not consulted and find three hours trading hardly worth the time setting up. Finishing at midday excludes lunchtime shoppers and prejudices the sale of hot food, very few customers thinking about lunch before twelve.

A total lack of notices informing the public about the change isn’t helpful either. There may have been mention on social media but I would hazard a guess that the majority of shoppers supporting the market belong to the group that chooses not to regulate their lives according to social media.

This could be another setback affecting the diversity and quality of our market stalls and it certainly throws doubt on Mendip District Council’s claim to be fully behind our local markets.

Shirley Garner
By email