Bollards to give new look to market place

November 24 2021
Bollards to give new look to market place

THE installation will begin soon of new bollards in Wells Market Place to replace the plastic barriers that have been in place there for many months.

Wells City Council’s Open Spaces Officer, Mark Culliford, announced that the work was imminent at a meeting of Wells City Council’s Outside Spaces & Estate Committee on October 28.

He said that the aim is eventually to put planters between the bollards that are heavy enough not to be easily displaced, but can be moved when necessary for events such as the charter fairs.

There will also be new signage for the entrance to the market place.

He said that the Wells in Bloom displays had been a real success this year. Work on them has been taken back in-house, and he said that this year’s displays had lasted well, there had been a good display of colour, and there had been lots of good feedback.

Regarding the Wells in Bloom budget, he said that the truck used to keep Wells in Bloom going is on its last legs and that there is a desperate need for a newer one. He requested £20,000 for a replacement, and an increase in the maintenance budget from £8,500 to £10,000, and the new equipment budget from £7,000 to £8,000.

The committee took a vote and unanimously agreed to put the requests to the finance committee.

Town Clerk Steve Luck told the meeting that he had just heard that completion on the Portway Annexe would be within two weeks.

He also said that all £620,000 of Public Works Loan money that had been applied for had come through.

Councillor Adrian I’Anson said that following completion, there will be a period where basic refurbishment will be carried out, before groups start filling the rooms, in which there has been a lot of interest.

It was reported that there is also a lot of interest in renting car parking spaces at the Annexe.

Mr Luck said that there is no completion date yet for the transfer from Mendip District Council to the city council of the Bishop’s Barn and Recreation Ground.

Bev Smith from the Wells Skatepark Community Group gave an update on the skatepark project to councillors. She said that funding had been applied for to develop the skatepark, there was an architect on board, and that the land now needs to be secured in the long term as the project moves forward.

Committee Chair Councillor Louis Agabani said that he would like to work with the group to help push things along. He proposed an increase in the maintenance budget for the skatepark to £15,000 for the next three years, which committee members agreed should be put to the finance committee.