Climate issue not prioritised, it seems

March 01 2021

LAST month’s Wells Voice included a piece I wrote urging everyone to encourage James Heappey to support the Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill.

This Bill had been scheduled for a second reading on Friday, March 12.

It proposes essential steps for the UK to play its part in safeguarding our planet’s future. This means:

• Limiting our input to temperature increase to 1.5C  (already accepted by Somerset County Council)

• Acknowledging our worldwide carbon footprint (ie. emissions created abroad in the manufacture of products then sent to the UK)

• Conserving nature both here and overseas

• Providing citizens with a voice in these momentous decisions.

But Friday parliamentary sittings (the Bill was scheduled for a Friday second reading) have now been cancelled so this debate will not happen unless it’s rescheduled. It seems parliament doesn’t prioritise this issue.

I’m really disappointed with Mr Heappey’s response, encapsulated in a blue box within my article. It seems typical of this government’s response, justifying their inaction and failing completely to acknowledge the urgent need to tackle our crisis.

Trisha Fine