Craft shop marks 40th anniversary

June 29 2019
Craft shop marks 40th anniversary

SHOP owner Julie Romeo has thanked her customers for their support as she prepares to celebrate her 40th anniversary at Earthcraft in Priory Road, Wells.

She started her business in 1979 on the first floor of the neighbouring Good Earth cafe, which her sister Joan Collins had opened five years earlier, and moved next door soon afterwards.

“My brother said ‘don’t just sell gifts, sell things people need,’ so that’s why I started selling craft materials,” said Julie.

“It’s great fun. I like the atmosphere. I’m happy to chat to people, and I try to be helpful.

“I’ve had an interesting mix of customers over the years. One lady has been coming here since the mid-Eighties. I’m grateful to them all for their support.”

Julie says that the biggest change over the years has been the internet, and the fact that people can find her shop now on Google, though she does not sell online.

The biggest sellers in her shop these days are greetings cards and joss sticks.

She will be having a small party at the end of June to celebrate the 40th anniversary, which actually occurs in the first week of July.

At the age of 73, she would like to find someone who can take on the shop one day.

“I want it to go on. It’s my baby,” she said.

“I’d like to shop in here in the future, if anybody came along with the right sum of money I’d consider passing it on. I’d be very sad if I found I couldn’t cope any more and eventually had to close it down.”