Customers thanked for being so supportive

September 29 2021
Customers thanked for being so supportive

CUSTOMERS have been thanked for their understanding after the opening of the new post office in Natural Pets of Wells.

Two new post office counters have been installed in the Queen Street store, opposite the pet shop’s retail counter.

“We are very pleased to have the two post office counters operational and at last be able to welcome customers in to this additional part of our shop,” said store owner Heather Derrick, who runs the business with her husband Nigel.

“We would like to say a very genuine and heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to all our customers for being so lovely and supportive about the fact that we are still in training so might not always have kept the queue moving quite as quickly as we would like.

“We are learning more and more every day so we are all confident that we will be fully up to speed in plenty of time for the busy Christmas season.”

Antoinette Chitty, Post Office Network Provision Lead, said: “We are delighted to have restored a permanent post office to Wells. We thank the community for their patience as the Covid pandemic and the knock-on effect on high street retailers affected our plans for a post office elsewhere in the city.”

The new post office – which has replaced the temporary post office at Wells Bus Station – continues to offer car tax, travel insurance and on demand euros/dollars travel money. The National Lottery service is not available.

The post office opening hours are Monday to Saturday, 9am-5pm.

On demand travel currencies, passport check & send and change giving are available at Glastonbury Post Office.

Heather and Nigel have stressed that it remains very much business as usual on the pet shop side of things at Natural Pets of Wells.

“Please can we remind all Voice readers who are customers of our pet shop that we are definitely not closing the pet shop and we still have all the same products in stock – they have just moved back a little bit further into the shop space,” said Heather. “The separate pet shop items till is still just inside the door on the opposite side of the shop to the post office with the same friendly staff ready, willing and able to help our customers.”