Farewell to some long-serving staff

August 30 2017
Farewell to some long-serving staff

THE Blue School said farewell to several members of staff at the end of the summer term.

Steve Jackson retired after 18 years as headteacher and the previous 10 years as deputy headteacher.

The school also said goodbye to three other long-serving members of staff this summer. Dave Hopkin joined the school in 1993 as head of English and was promoted to deputy headteacher in 2001. Roger Walton-Freeman spent 25 years working in the school running the Geology Department, and Gill Lonnia worked at the school for 21 years as, variously, a teacher of geography, head of geography and more recently senior professional tutor working with a large number of trainee teachers in the school.

There will also be a small number of changes within the pastoral team, one of which sees Sally Vallis stepping down as a sixth form pastoral team leader after 15 years in the role and a further five years as a key member of staff in the sixth form team. She will remain in the school as a science teacher.