Feeling good thanks to power of laughter

December 29 2017
Feeling good thanks to power of laughter

A NEW club in Wells is trying to prove the old adage that laughter is the best medicine.

Wells Laughter Club meets once a week when members try to improve their health by having a good laugh together.

The club is run by laughter leader Steph Hiller. A certified laughter coach, she says the club follows a trend gaining popularity across the world whereby people laugh themselves into good health and happiness.

The club does not rely on jokes or humour. Steph said: “We laugh because it makes us feel good, and for the health benefits it brings. Some go running, even when they are not late for a bus – we laugh, even though nothing is funny.”

Club members include an architect, two people who run their own cleaning business, a bookmaker, a massage therapist and a Reiki therapist. They meet for 45 minutes every Friday morning at the Wells Recreation Ground next to the bandstand.

“Sustained laughter of 10 to 15 minutes can literally trick our brain into making us feel happy, flooding the body with endorphins and other feelgood hormones,” said Steph.

“Regular laughter can improve cardiovascular health, increase oxygen to the brain, be energising, stress reducing, mood enhancing and strengthen the immune system, as well as exercising and toning muscles. It is also lots of fun.”

Club members appreciate the benefits. Ama Bolton said: “It has a lasting effect. It lasts all week.”

Former office worker Sandra Matthews said: “The older we get the less we laugh. We used to have such a laugh at work and I miss that.

“Laughter gets you out of your head and into your body. It clears your head and resets the mind.”

Fellow club member Gloria Bianco agreed. She said: “As children we laugh very freely, but as we get older we tend to lose this ability. It is important to practice laughter regularly as it returns us to this natural state.”

The Friday morning sessions start at 9.30am. The drop-in price is £5 per session. For more information, call Steph on 01749 689114 or email enquiries@stephaniehiller.co.uk.

Her website can be found at www.StephanieHiller.com