From film studio to tattoo studio

August 29 2018
From film studio to tattoo studio

THE teenager who had a starring role in hit film Paddington has changed direction by becoming an apprentice at Wells tattoo studio Last Dragon Tattoo.

Maddie Harris spent much of her youth studying, drawing and taking parts in various television and movie roles, including playing the part of Judy Brown in Paddington and Paddington 2. 

Other roles have included appearances in Casualty, Being Human and Man Down.

But now as she grows older she has decided her real love is in art – and what better place to hone these skills than in a tattoo studio?

“I’m really loving it, it’s really nice to have a job that’s having fun but that’s also so creative,” said Maddie, aged 17.

It has been a year of change and development for Last Dragon Tattoo in St Cuthbert Street. Since the addition of the new piercing booth, owner Matt Mason and shop manager Lulu Breeden find themselves busier than ever, with a positive outlook for the future.

For Matt and Lulu it was an easy decision to take Maddie on board.

“When we first met her we knew she would fit in, she is the best apprentice we have had,” said Matt, which can only mean great things from a studio which has serviced Wells for over a decade.

Maddie herself talks little of her acting career, a time she is leaving behind to focus on her art, in particular mandalas, taking inspiration from nature. Though it isn’t only paintings and drawings Maddie enjoys, sculpting is also a passion of hers, something she wishes to do more of in the future.

But for now she is sticking to tattooing, something which she says she is enjoying a lot, especially working with Matt and Lulu who have taken her under their wing.

At the moment she is working with small designs which are available to see on the Last Dragon Tattoo Facebook page.

Georgie Robbins