From the Town Hall: Somewhere to find solace at difficult time

October 05 2017
From the Town Hall: Somewhere to find solace at difficult time

GRANTED, it isn’t something you wish to have to even consider, especially at a young age, but unfortunately it’s a fact of life, it happens to us all.

Here in Wells our cemetery is well looked after by Mark Culliford and his team on behalf of Wells City Council. As well as it being a place for you to bury your loved ones, there is also a beautiful chapel which suits smaller ceremonies and memorial services. Understanding the delicacy required when dealing with such heart-breaking moments, Mark knows how to take care of people with the utmost dignity and respect.

It is also a time where detail is key, and most people will have very specific requirements when mourning their loved ones, it is also important they feel comfortable. This is something they pride themselves on, being able to offer a service to suit the needs of those mourning and those being buried.

Wells in itself is a beautiful city, there are not many places that can make a cemetery appealing in a non-morbid fashion. Located towards the outskirts of Wells, it covers 15 acres and offers a peaceful and almost harmonious part of the city. For the tranquillity you require to mourn without disturbance, we are lucky to have such a finely positioned place of rest. They also allow for those who wish to celebrate the life of their loved ones with a bronze plaque or a bench. Many people find solace in having somewhere to sit that commemorates a life they shared. Wells Cemetery allows for this, all it takes is a little chat with the resident expert Mark, who will guide you along the way and be as informative as possible.

If you are someone who doesn’t fancy the initial face-to-face conversation about this sensitive subject then you can always pop over to the Wells City Council website, they provide a whole wealth of information on what they can provide, price guides, online forms and more about how to pre-book in a space in preparation. It is a useful tool for those who haven’t had the experience of dealing with something like this, it gives comfort and reassurance in a time when you are probably going to need it the most. Or if you would like to take a look around the chapel or area in general then get in touch with Mark, he will be able to arrange something for you.

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