Fudge-making to be daily public event

October 31 2018
Fudge-making to be daily public event

A NEW shop in Wells Market Place will treat passers-by to the daily sight and smell of fudge being handmade in the shop window.

Roly’s Fudge Pantry, which is opening in the former Present Company store on Friday, November 9, is going to bring to life the traditional art of fudge-making on the premises.

Owners Sarah Orton and Steven Jones hope it will be an enjoyable spectacle for residents and tourists alike – and they can’t wait to open in Wells.

“We first came to Wells four years ago in search of the perfect retail site, but nothing was available, despite visiting several times and over a number of months,” said Sarah.

“In the end we opened a pantry by the cathedral arch in Salisbury, and now after a further three-year wait we are pleased that this beautiful medieval shop has become available so close to another delightful and imposing cathedral and the lovely retail area around Market Place.”

Fudge hearts will be on sale in the new shop inscribed with the word ‘Wells’ as a souvenir for visitors. And with Christmas just around the corner, the pair are cooking up a selection of festive flavours alongside their best selling Vanilla Clotted Cream and Salted Maple & Pecan, with Christmas Pudding, Baileys, Chocolate Cointreau and Chocolate Mint all on the menu.

They are also busy creating individual Christmas puddings and fudge stars for the Christmas tree, and hampers.

“We’re really excited to get involved in the local community and the amazing calendar of events here in Wells, whilst it’s a pleasure to be able to employ people from the local community,” said Steven.

As well as a wide range of fudge – which will include dairy-free fudge – and the daily theatre of the fudge being poured, paddled and made in front of customers, Sarah and Steven have teamed up with award-winning Styles ice cream and will have a year-round ice cream bar offering both dairy and ewes milk ice cream, matched with Roly’s Fudge Sauce in three flavours and a menu of fudge crumbs.