Heads Up: Memories Workshop

July 31 2017
Heads Up: Memories Workshop

“We aspire to improve the lives of those suffering with dementia and their carers, by enabling choice, control and opportunity in a safe and comfortable environment.”

About our Memories Workshop

Our Memories Workshop not only enables those living with dementia to spend time with others in a safe, nurturing environment but also provides vital respite for carers and families.

Activities throughout the day are very much based on individual preferences and can include but are not limited to arts and crafts, cooking, spending time in our healing garden, sharing memories, singing, dancing, Flexercise and Tai Chi. Teas, coffees and biscuits are provided throughout the day. Our workshop runs on a Wednesday and Friday, from 10am-2.30pm.

The Dementia Alliance is a movement with one simple aim: to bring about a society-wide response to dementia. Wells is in the process of becoming a dementia friendly city. Heads Up are integral in the implementation of this initiative.

Heads Up Memories Workshops

Our Memories Garden

We have recently embarked on the creation of our Memories Garden to enhance our workshops. Funds are being used to run some light-hearted and fun gardening activities specifically designed for the Memories Group and to create an attractive and accessible sensory Memories Garden with a raised bed, window boxes and seating area adjacent to the Heads Up centre for use by the group.
Interested members of the group will be actively involved in supervised outdoor gardening activities throughout the summer months. Funding has been used to purchase fencing, equipment, materials, outdoor furniture, a water feature, ergonomic tools, plants and seeds.

The project aims to help enrich the lives of people living with dementia and improve their well-being. Through the activity of gardening and access to a sensory garden, the project aims to improve the quality of life of participants, improve cognitive function and enhance communication.

Heads Up Memories Workshops

Our Aims

• To provide opportunities for social contact and to encourage conversation and laughter.

• To provide a safe, supportive environment with age appropriate activities.

• To run activities that provide stimulation and a sense of achievement.

• To allow clients to express their feelings through art, music, singing and dance.

• To encourage choice and control.

Our Objectives

• To help improve dexterity.

• To help build or maintain fitness.

• To improve cognitive functions and enhance communication.

• To help restore or keep a sense of personal identity.

• To improve the quality of life for people with dementia.

Heads Up Memories Workshops

Support Us

We could not carry out the valuable work we do without our committed team of volunteers. If you would like more information on joining us on a short, or long term basis, or would like to carry out some fundraising, please feel free to contact us.

Heads Up, Upper Breach, South Horrington, Wells BA5 3QG. T: 01749 670667 
E: info@headsupsomerset.org.uk W: www.headsupsomerset.org

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