Hunt for thieves who vandalised wishing well and stole cancer charity money

August 29 2019
Hunt for thieves who vandalised wishing well and stole cancer charity money

WOOKEY Hole Caves have launched an urgent appeal to help find the thieves responsible for vandalising their wishing well and stealing money that was intended for a children’s cancer charity.

The money that visitors drop into the well is collected by charity officials from the Musgrove Leukaemic Group Somerset, to help support young children with cancer and their families. During the night of Tuesday, August 27, the well at Wookey Hole was vandalised and almost all of the money was stolen.

Daniel Medley, managing director at Wookey Hole, said: “This isn’t the first time money has been stolen from our wishing well and we are devastated and sickened that this has happened again. We urge anyone with information to speak to the police so we catch those responsible and make sure this money is going to its rightful place. We are offering a £1,000 reward to anyone that can give the police information that leads to the prosecution of the culprits, in the hope that we can stop this happening again.”

The vandalised wishing well

The thieves cut through metal bars to get to the money

Anyone that has information they want to share with the police can call Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111 and give the crime reference number 5219197935, or call Wookey Hole on 01749 672243 and ask for the duty manager.

The Musgrove Leukaemic Group Somerset is a charity raising money for the benefit of leukaemia and lymphoma patients and their families in Somerset.