If only Square could always be traffic-free

July 30 2020

IN the last few days, I have been able to enjoy a coffee at a cafe, sitting outside in the sun and in a traffic-free Wells Market Square. Most enjoyable!

Wouldn’t it be great to have the Square permanently traffic free?

With the increased number of cafes, bars and restaurants located in the Square and another soon to join in, it would be possible to create a Cafe Quarter, similar to many European towns and villages. These establishments would then be able to increase the number of seats they provide, spreading further into the Square.

I accept that there would have to be provision for access by delivery vehicles, but maybe restricted hours for these. Also, access will be needed for essential vehicles to the Bishop’s Palace and Crown Hotel, and of course for emergency vehicles. Maybe even, say, three ‘disabled parking’ spaces immediately adjacent to the conduit.

Mendip District Council may lose a few parking fees, but there are plenty of other spaces in the other car parks.

Also, the reduced traffic will reduce wear and tear on the cobbles.

The essentially traffic-free environment would encourage residents and visitors to visit the Square, patronise the hospitality establishments and access the Cathedral and Bishop’s Palace, all in a pollution-free space.

The Square is regularly closed to traffic for Wednesday and Saturday markets and has recently been closed for a few weeks, so to make the closure permanent would not seem to be a major change.

I am urging the council to make the traffic-free Square permanent.

Chris Borrison
By email