Dedication rewarded with England selection

August 01 2017
Dedication rewarded with England selection

ROUNDERS star Jordan Stead could never have dreamed when she used to go and watch her mum play that she would not only play in the same team, but would one day play for England.

Yet that is exactly what happened after she fell in love with the game and started playing for Wells.

“I first fell in love with rounders when I played for the very first time at school,” said Jordan, aged 27, a former pupil at Wells Blue School.

“My mum plays for Wells so I can remember always asking if I could go and watch her. I played for Wells as soon as I was allowed which was 15 years old. Playing for them for the past 12 years has definitely built up my confidence and developed me as the player I am today. I have loved every minute of it.”

She added: “I was always in the school team and I can remember we had an amazing school team… I am pretty sure we were unbeatable and I still play with some of the same girls now.”

Jordan, a school cover supervisor at St Dunstan’s School in Glastonbury, won a place in the England team last year after taking part in trials. International matches, and even the training sessions, were quite an eye-opener.

“It is on a completely different level to the rounders I am used to. I even had to get used to different rules. Just the accuracy and the tactics they use is amazing and really opened my eyes about how tactical rounders actually is,” she said. “Training was once a month, it doesn’t sound a lot but you were training for a whole day or maybe even a whole weekend, it was intense. Half the day was fitness and skills and the other half was gameplay.

“The players in that squad are ridiculously fit and I am definitely not so I really struggled with the first half of the day.”

Jordan says that being picked to represent her country is one of her rounders highlights, along with Wells winning the Somervale Ladies Rounders League – the biggest rounders league in the South West – and her “one-handed Superman catch” against Wales in an international fixture.

Explaining what she enjoys about rounders, Jordan says: “Everything really… You never know what’s going to happen. I love the fact that you never know if a team is going to beat you or not, it all depends on the day and if they can hit the ball.”

Jordan will be trialling again for the England team in October.

Anyone who is interested in joining the Wells team is welcome to turn up at one of their training sessions which are held at Wells Blue School most Monday nights.