Linda keen to start board games group

September 02 2017
Linda keen to start board games group

BOARD games enthusiast Linda Bird wants to start a group in Wells for people who share her interest.

The mother of two is appealing for people to get in touch if they would like to take part in fortnightly sessions of Scrabble, Cluedo, Monopoly and more. 

“It doesn’t have to be strictly board games, it could be cards, draughts, or any other game you have sitting in your spare room gathering dust,” said Linda.

“I have always enjoyed board games, and when I had two children I had a great excuse to enjoy many years of Junior Monopoly, cards, dominoes, chess, Mousetrap, and many, many more.

“My daughter soon grew out of them, but my son and myself would spend many hours playing Monopoly on rainy days. Even though he’s grown up now, he’s a real board game enthusiast, and when he and his girlfriend come to visit, they usually bring a game. So I do get to play a board game occasionally, but nowhere near as much as I would like.”

Linda ran life drawing classes in the area for many years until ill health forced her to give them up. Now she would love to be involved in another group.

“This will be a fun, social group for adults. It is such a sociable activity, isn’t too serious, and allows for chat,” said Linda, whose favourite game is Monopoly.

“As a child I loved the fact that I was given a pile of money, even if it was pretend,” she said.

“It’s so well designed, with the houses and hotels, and the lovely little playing pieces. Everyone has a favourite, whether it’s the iron, the ship, but for me it was the dog.”

Anyone interested in joining the group can contact Linda on 07849 688040. The venue for meetings has yet to be decided.