Large crowds give generously during dazzling spectacle

November 28 2018
Large crowds give generously during dazzling spectacle

CONDITIONS were perfect for this year’s Wells Carnival which brought a bumper number of spectators out on to the streets.

It helped to ensure a good collection on the night, with the total topping £12,000.

There were hardly any hold-ups to delay the procession, and those watching said the standard of entries was exceptionally high.

One sad note was the absence through illness of chief steward Martin Coppell, who is battling cancer.

Gorgons suffered the misfortune of a mechanical issue with the tractor on the line up. Despite the efforts of the ground crew and the help of other clubs, they were unable to get it fixed in time for the start of the carnival.

It meant the crowds were denied the chance of seeing their Engine Room entry, based on the Titanic’s engine room, but club members were applauded as they walked the route instead.

Wells Carnival’s honorary president, Maurice Day, said: “A committee diminished through illness worked very hard to bring it all together. There were tears and tantrums as usual but it came to a successful conclusion.

“The crowds were great and gave us very few problems. It was all over by ten o’clock and the town was flowing freely by 10.30.

“My personal thanks to all the people that helped us on the day – you all know who you are and I really appreciate your input.

“From Wells Carnival committee, it’s time to wish you all a Merry Christmas and thank you for contributing to the magnificent £12,500 for local charities.”

The Globe CC entry

Captain Morgan’s Revenge by Globe CC

Globe CC had something special to celebrate in their 50th year, winning the Local Feature category.

“2018 marks the 50th anniversary of Globe Carnival Club, presenting our best cart yet, Captain Morgan’s Revenge,” said Ben Golden, the club’s vice chairman and road crew captain.

“While the engineering wasn’t as complex as in previous years, the movement was bigger and had a greater impact than anything we’ve done before.

“With the cart packed with pirate paraphernalia, smoking cannons, lanterns, rats and sharks circling the sinking ship under a stormy sky, the Kraken takes hold and brings the ship down as the motley crew dance the hempen jig.

“It was an enormously fun theme to play, and coming first in our home city of Wells in the Local Feature class made all the hard work very worthwhile. We’re all extremely proud to be part of Globe for this highly enjoyable and successful year.”

Picture, top: Mendip Vale’s entry took inspiration from the Moulin Rouge