Illuminating look back as club marks golden milestone

March 28 2018
Illuminating look back as club marks golden milestone

Globe Carnival Club, one of four carnival clubs based in Wells, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Lily Newton-Browne explains more as she delves into the history of the club

WELCOME to the first instalment of a series of features about Globe Carnival Club.

Throughout the next few months we’ll be taking you behind the scenes into how our club operates throughout the year, in an attempt to show you how we manage to build and bring you our whopping 100ft cart over the carnival season come November.

So, if you love carnival and are interested in seeing a bit about what it’s all about – follow our journey as we celebrate our 50th year in carnival this year.

Throughout our half a century participating in Somerset’s renowned carnival circuit we’ve been quite busy over the years, as one of our club’s earliest members, Mike O’Neill, knows only too well.

“We used to build the cart at the back of the Unigate factory, because when we first started out we were known as Unigate Carnival Club. The original carts were small compared to today’s standards as we used to bring out a 35ft trailer and not the 100ft three-part entries seen today,” he said.

The Spirit of Uncle Sam

The first entry as The Globe Inn Carnival Club in 1975 with The Spirit of Uncle Sam

Unigate Carnival Club moved into new headquarters at The Globe Inn due to an increase in membership, therefore the club decided to change its name from Unigate Carnival Club to The Globe Inn Carnival Club in 1975.

“It’s about all ages and skills coming together to learn from each other to help create the club entries,” said Mike.

“The willingness from different clubs to help out others in the circuit during difficult situations on the road is admirable, and even though we are all in competition with one another, there’s still that sense of community which really shows over the carnival season.”

We are always on the lookout for potential new members: check out Globe Carnival Club on Facebook for more information, or if you would like to come along and find out more, please get in touch with Sue Barber on 01761 418320.

Picture top: Unigate Carnival Club’s first entry in 1968 on a budget of £36 and with a 4kva generator: Valhalla – Hall of Dead Heroes, which came third at Wells Carnival