Making giant leap of the imagination

October 05 2017
Making giant leap of the imagination

PHOTOGRAPHER Neil Bremner is thinking big with his latest line of work.

Inspired by his seven-year-old daughter Grace’s love of the book The BFG, he decided he would transform her into a giant

He blended a picture of her with a picture of The Bishop’s Palace in Wells to create the stunning image above. His youngest daughter Hannah can also be found in the photo with her giant big sister.

Now Neil is creating other ‘giant’ photos for clients using some of their favourite locations.

“I chose The Bishop’s Palace as this was one of the first places my wife and I fell in love with when we moved to Somerset in 2011,” said Neil, who lives in Wells and has a studio in Glastonbury.

He explained that the image was created in three parts. He said: “I was kindly given access to The Bishop’s Palace one morning before it officially opened so I could photograph the wall I wanted to use with the right light and no one around.

“I then photographed both my daughters in my Made Portraits studio, ensuring that the angles would match the background I’d be using.

Grace in the studio

Grace strikes a pose in the studio

“Finally, with the use of Photoshop, I placed my daughters into the photo, positioning them just right, and then over eight hours, I carefully blended them in to their surroundings and drew in their shadows to end up with this final piece.”

Some of Neil’s ‘giant’ photos have already won national photographic awards, to go with the other awards that he has won since he started creating portraits of children and families in his Made Portraits studio four years ago.

His studio work has seen him recognised as one of the UK’s top five children/family photographers by the Guild of Photographers.

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