Man banned from parts of Wells and Glastonbury

October 04 2018
Man banned from parts of Wells and Glastonbury

A 32-year-old man has been issued with a Criminal Behaviour Order banning him from certain areas of Wells and Glastonbury.

Mark Darbo was handed the CBO at Somerset Magistrates Court last month. 

This follows numerous reports of Darbo behaving in an anti-social way, including street drinking and nuisance behaviour, within the Mendip area over a long period of time, according to Avon and Somerset Police. 

Darbo is now banned from entering central areas of Wells and Glastonbury between noon and 8am. 

The conditions of the order also state that Darbo is banned from having an open alcohol container in those areas and must not remain on any retail premises, within the area, if he has been asked to leave by a member of staff. 

Julie Crockett, ASB coordinator for Somerset, said: “This was an ongoing problem and there were lots of reports from businesses and residents in Glastonbury and Wells.

“Previous interventions to prevent Darbo’s behaviour had failed to stop him. 

“Getting the CBO order issued demonstrates how communities, businesses, police and partner agencies can work together to address persistent anti-social behaviour.”