Drones take agency to whole new level

October 05 2017
Drones take agency to whole new level

A COUPLE who run a design and marketing agency in Wells are moving with the times by adding drone photography to the services they offer.

Livvy and Steve Mckay, of Jaypeg Ltd, had both previously worked in the luxury property industry and were aware of the impact that professional photography – and now video – can have on sales.

“With the onset of online services such as Airbnb and Purple Bricks, property owners in and around Wells are taking more control of marketing their properties, so we have added drone photography and internal walk through videos to our list of services,” said Steve.

“We use the very latest in drone technology to create bird’s eye footage of the property from the best viewpoint.

“Anything that can give your property an edge over the competition is an advantage. We are also fortunate to live in an area where there are a lot of properties that are situated in large plots, so the best way to view these is from the air.”

To offer a drone photography service commercially, there are several steps that have to be followed, including classroom-based sessions and a practical flight exam, and the process can take up to five months.

Jaypeg Ltd has completed the process and been granted permission for commercial operations by the Civil Aviation Authority, and has specialist insurance.

“There are thousands of drones being sold to hobbyists and it is very important to provide a professional and legal service to clients,” said Steve.

He explained that a drone must always be within the line of sight and no more than 500m from the operator, the maximum height a drone can fly at is 120m, and a drone must always be 50m away from people or buildings.

Jaypeg Ltd is currently offering people the chance to win a luxury property marketing package worth more than £600. Find out more at jaypeg.photography/competition