Maybe it’s time for pedestrianised trial

July 30 2020

ON Saturday, market day, I was in town from 11am to 1pm and although the one-way pavement system is more obvious now, it was being almost totally ignored.

The town was extremely crowded, it was impossible to socially distance, mask-wearing people were in the minority.

The traffic was really heavy, noisy and the fumes unpleasant. This made it even harder to socially distance or keep to the one-way system because to do so would mean walking in the road.

The knock-on effect was people shouting at others to be heard above the traffic noise, telling them to keep to the one-way system. Shop staff were hearing complaints from the public because they’d been shouted at. I overheard families saying they wouldn’t be coming to Wells again.

Whilst I appreciate that businesses are concerned about the effect a pedestrianised Wells would have on their businesses, I think the opposite could be the case.

Maybe now is the time for a workable compromise and to trial a pedestrianised Wells for market days and Sundays.

During the early days of lockdown it was noticeable how our pollution and noise levels dropped giving nature a chance to heal and we could breathe cleaner air again.

Mendip District Council and Wells City Council agreed to make climate breakdown a serious issue to address. By allowing traffic-free market days and Sundays this could be a small contribution towards that.
I’m hoping this is well received and given serious consideration for a cleaner greener Wells. I’m also writing to Mendip District Council and Wells City Council.

Sophia Frances
By email