From the Town Hall: Mayor aiming to make positive difference

November 04 2017
From the Town Hall: Mayor aiming to make positive difference

This month’s focus is on the current Mayor of Wells, Councillor John North

John North, the 644th Mayor of Wells and a councillor for the past 10 years, has embarked on a year of attending events, chairing meetings and raising money for his chosen charities.

It is a busy year for John; however, thanks to wife Gail, the mayoress, he has enough support to see him through to the end. 

Each year the new mayor chooses two charities to support and raise money for. This year John has chosen the Air Cadets and Heads Up Somerset.

“The Air Cadets because of the association Gail and I have with the RAF through our families,” said John.

“We wanted to do something for young people who were looking to have a career in our armed services or to become better equipped and ready for what the world has to offer them as young adults.

“Secondly, Heads Up because of the fantastic work they do for mental health sufferers. So many people can be affected by mental health issues because this type of issue does not discriminate between men or women, young or old. With Heads Up people have a place to go and work with a specialist team, who can help them move forward with their lives.”

For his year as mayor, John says he wishes to make the most of his time wearing the chains by having a positive influence in people’s lives, however small it is, even just a smile. That will make it all worth it. Knowing the appreciation groups and individuals show when the mayor turns up to their event, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Over the years the mayor has attended events such as school fetes and church ceremonies, as well as sitting with the Carnival Queen in the parade. It is safe to say the year is full of many opportunities to put a smile on someone’s face.

It’s not only events the mayor will have to attend in their year in office, they are also the head of the council and will chair many of the important meetings which have an impact on the day to day running of Wells. Things you may not notice daily but that are important for the safety and welfare of the city.

In preparation, John was lucky enough to sit down with the town clerk to discuss the impending year, what to expect and how to organise everything accordingly. Former mayors are also still councillors who were all there and ready to prepare John for the up and coming year.

John can be contacted via the town clerk at Wells Town Hall. More information is available online at