Miracles happen if people persevere

January 31 2018

AS a Tai Chi for Health leader, I see people arrive at my class, nervous, but needing to address their personal physical difficulties.

After welcoming them and introducing myself, I explain that the gentle, flowing movements aren’t as complicated as they might seem. Due to the happy, friendly atmosphere, most persevere, albeit awkwardly. At first they might struggle, until something miraculous happens: their balance improves and even better, their sense of self-worth increases.

Very few see the class as a chore, it’s a social event, which they look forward to.

We laugh, we work, they learn to relax as well as how to bring balance and harmony into their lives and bodies. Within a few weeks, the nervous newcomer is more confident and outgoing.

I personally have physical limitations, so can empathise with most difficulties. I love leading my class and am always happy to welcome newcomers, any Friday in the Connect Centre at 2pm-3.30pm.

I have my own personal style, but as there are many groups in and around the area, I recommend seeking out a class that suits you. Almost everyone could benefit from Tai Chi, why not give it a try?

Drop in, or call 01749 670875 or email rosie.taichi@mail.com

I hope to see you soon.

Rosie Thomas
By email