More welcome to join new Bus User Group

July 27 2022
More welcome to join new Bus User Group

FOLLOWING the recent changes to bus services from Wells, a group of Wells city councillors and concerned residents have formed a new Bus User Group and are looking for a small number of people to make this a fully representative group.

They would be pleased to hear from anyone who is a regular bus user – student, commuter or non-car user. The next meeting for the Bus User Group will be Monday, August 8.

In addition, they will be hoping to meet members of the public during Catch The Bus Week from September 3-11 to hear their views. Representatives of the group can be found at Wells Market on Wednesday, September 7. Contact Wells Town Hall on 01749 673091 or email for more information.

Wells Voice reported last month on the cuts to bus services serving Wells, with fears that more cuts will be made later in the year when the Government-funded Bus Recovery Grant comes to an end.

A spokesperson for First West of England has told us: “As a condition of transitional funding arrangements, bus operators must undertake full network reviews to assess the viability of all routes once funding ends in the autumn. This is currently taking place but we must stress no decisions have been made and it would be inappropriate to comment on speculation at this stage.

“Like all other bus operators in the UK, we must adapt our networks to match the post-pandemic demand for services. 

“The majority of our networks will be retained, and we will work to match our resources with demand for services in order to provide our customers with the most reliable network. 

“We are committed to constructive partnerships and have been working with local authorities to provide as much notice as possible of any changes to allow them to support alternative arrangements.

“As we head into the end of the Covid-era funding provided by the Governments and back towards a sustainable commercial model, First West of England, like all other bus operators across the UK, will be adapting our networks in line with post-pandemic demand for services. This reset comes at the same time as ongoing labour market challenges and a cost-of-living squeeze at play. We need to ensure there’s balance across networks, demand, costs and pricing.”