Moves to give Wells a better bus station

August 02 2019
Moves to give Wells a better bus station

PRESSURE is growing for improvements to be carried out at Wells Bus Station.

Wells resident Susan Hartnett is among those campaigning for an overhaul of the site. After raising the issue at a city council meeting – when she listed work that needs doing, from repairing railings to filling potholes – she attended a meeting at the bus station to talk about improvements with officers and councillors from Mendip District Council, which owns the land.

“I pointed out everything that was broken,” said Susan.

“Every time I see it I think it’s a mess. Why can’t we have the best bus station in the South West instead of the worst?”

The meeting was organised by Ross Young, of Wells Independents, who run the Meet and Greet teams that welcome coach visitors.

He said: “We discussed reconfiguration of the parking to get more coaches in; signage including new signs telling both cars and members of the public they are prohibited; barriers to be reduced and bent ones replaced; resurfacing which is badly needed; and the whole aspect to be more welcoming.”

Figures from last September to the end of June show that Meeters and Greeters welcomed 1,074 coaches compared to 749 in the same period the previous year, an increase of 43 per cent.

Susan’s vision for the bus station site includes a modern metal sign board with a map directing visitors to the High Street; large, colourful concrete balls like those found in Broadmead, Bristol, for children to play around and bus passengers to rest against; and a mobile teashop selling drinks to passengers and bus drivers.

She said she has a horsebox that could be converted into a teashop, perhaps by the Men’s Shed project, and suggested that schools could build some basic furniture.

“If the community can pull together we can do it,” said Susan, a carer, whose husband is a bus driver.

“I’d like the schools and youth clubs to be involved. The children are the new guardians of the city and we have to show them how to look after it.”

Anybody interested in helping Susan can email her on

A district council spokesperson said: “Mendip District Council are currently working to undertake some short term improvements in the coach/bus station, however the council are also taking a more holistic approach to the area with a view to longer term improvements, working with its partners to ensure that the space is fit for the future and meets a range of needs.”