New look to Wells City Council after local elections

May 03 2019
New look to Wells City Council after local elections

THE Liberal Democrats, Wells Independents and Green Party have all done well in the Wells City Council elections, while the Conservatives have fared badly.

All the Liberal Democrat and Wells Independents candidates were voted in, and the Greens now have four councillors.

Among those who lost out were Conservatives John North, Harvey Siggs, Richard Greenwell and David Swain, who were all standing for re-election.

The fresh-look council will contain just five of the previous 16 councillors – Philip Welch, Norman Kennedy, John Osman, Tony Robbins and Celia Wride.

Those elected in Wells Central were Pamela Crummay (Green), Adrian I’Anson (Wells Independents), Chloe Rees (Liberal Democrat) and Philip Welch (Wells Independents).

Elected in Wells St Cuthbert’s were Sarah Briton (Green), Stewart Cursley (Wells Independents), Geoffrey Dickson (Liberal Democrat), Norman Kennedy (Liberal Democrat), Jennifer Linsdell (Green) and John Osman (Conservative).

Elected in Wells St Thomas’ were Louis Agabani (Wells Independents), Andrew Fawcett (Wells Independents), Oliver Hartley (Liberal Democrat), Tony Robbins (Liberal Democrat), Jennifer Rust (Green) and Celia Wride (Conservative).

In the Mendip District Council elections, Leader of the council Harvey Siggs (Wells St Cuthbert’s) failed to gain re-election, as did fellow Conservatives John Osman (Wells St Cuthbert’s) and John North (Wells Central). The victors in the three Wells wards were all Liberal Democrats: Rob Ayres and Laura Waters in Wells St Cuthbert’s, Caroline McKinnell and Tom Ronan in Wells St Thomas’, and Lois Rogers in Wells Central.

Liberal Democrat Lucie Taylor Hood ousted Nigel Taylor in Wookey and St Cuthbert Out West, but Conservative Mike Pullin held on in St Cuthbert Out North.

The new political make-up of Mendip District Council is: Liberal Democrat 22, Conservative 10, Green 10, Independent 3, Other 2.

The first Full Council meeting of the new-look district council takes place on Monday, May 13, at 6pm in the Council Chamber at Mendip’s Shepton Mallet offices.

For a full list of elected Mendip District Councillors go to:

Election results from the parish election in Mendip are available at: