New Speed Watch group gets to work

December 27 2017
New Speed Watch group gets to work

FIVE sites have been identified in Wells to be monitored by the city’s first Community Speed Watch group.

A number of volunteers have joined the group and two have attended a training session on how to record, check and forward the data they collect.

The sites, which are all in 30mph zones, are:

• Bath Road near Hooper Avenue.

• Bath Road opposite Hawkers Lane.

• New Street / Bristol Hill.

• Ash Lane near Kennion Road.

• Portway near Charter Way.

Councillor David Ball, who is supporting the Wells Community Speed Watch group as well as one for St Cuthbert Out, said: “Police are very pleased with the formation of the Wells CSW as there have been calls from the public to address the problem of speeding.

“However many of the roads within the city are very narrow and have many parked cars and it is not safe or practical to operate CSW here.”

The group started work last week when it supported a Day of Action long with other teams across the Mendip region. All CSW groups were out at least once to highlight the dangers of speeding and remind drivers that they were within speed control zones.

The Day of Action took place during Road Safety Week, a nationwide initiative by the charity Brake which had the backing of Somerset County Council.

Councillor David Fothergill, leader of the county council, said: “It’s a simple fact that driving too fast puts people’s lives at risk.”

If the Speed Watch teams record a motorist driving too fast, number plate details will be forwarded to the police, who then issue a warning letter. This is repeated if there is a second offence, and on a third occasion, a police officer will visit the motorist in person.

Anyone else who would like to volunteer to join Wells Community Speed Watch is asked to contact David on 01749 678910.