Pair achieve sauerkraut world record

October 06 2019
Pair achieve sauerkraut world record

TWO women have succeeded in setting the first ever Guinness World Record for the largest serving of sauerkraut after their epic endeavours at last year’s Wells Food Festival.

In just six hours on October 14, Jo Webster and Katie Venner led a team of about 250 volunteers in a frenzy of chopping and massaging of Riverford-donated cabbage and fennel.

The glut of newly-made sauerkraut was transported from the food festival site to Jo’s home in Wells, where it was kept under lock and key while it fermented for 11 days.

The official weigh-in was conducted under the beady eye of a Weights and Measures expert on October 26, 2018, who confirmed the official weight of the sauerkraut was 359.6kg.

To fulfil Guinness’ requirements, every last piece of sauerkraut had to be distributed for consumption. And it was – all around Somerset, with some making it as far afield as London.

A year later, the pair now know that, together with all their fantastic fledgling fermenters, they have set a rather unique Guinness World Record.

Jo and Katie met at Wells Food Festival in 2017 over Katie’s vegetable fermentation demonstration. Sharing their interest in microbes, gut health and fermented foods, they hatched a plan to create a community event to draw attention to the simple things everyone can do to keep their guts healthy – like eating more veg and fermenting some of it. Sauerkrautathon was born.

Jo said: “I am absolutely thrilled that we have won our Guinness World Record, but the real aim of Sauerkrautathon was to encourage people to do what they can to care for their own health. We hope someone will break our record as soon as possible and, in so doing, teach even more people about fermented foods.”

Katie said: “The entire process ran incredibly smoothly – we know it works, so the next person just needs to chop a bit more cabbage a bit faster.”