Park and ride scheme long overdue

June 27 2018

I WOULD like to endorse every word said by Margaret Hollis last month on parking (or lack of it) in Wells.

We mostly live by tourists and yet the residents are being charged ever increasing tourist rates to park. As a resident of Priest Row, I know the problem only too well. Tor Street, Silver Street and Southover have become my stalking places in which to park, usually when everyone else has gone home.

Some years ago, a questionnaire came round asking us to visit Seager Hall to view and comment on various proposals, one of which was parking. I replied, suggesting a park and ride scheme based on the field adjacent the Glastonbury Road and Jocelyn Drive. Five acres I thought should be enough, plus toilets (the sewerage plant is just next door), including maybe a chance for someone to run a small cafe and information place.

But as usual, not a dicky bird. So what does it take – gridlock as coaches unload in Sadler Street, or are we at the bottom end of Beggars Lane – sorry, Chamberlain Street – just being left to rot whilst the good and the great take up most of the ground at the east end of Wells (good title for a soap perhaps?) ie. the golf club which in my humble opinion would lend itself to an excellent place for a park and ride scheme, not to mention providing transport for all those living at the old Mendip Hospital site, including the Bath Road.

Christopher Snelling
Priest Row, Wells