Parking in street must be standardised

December 31 2019

I WAS upset to see a traffic warden, for the first time, patrolling St Cuthbert Street on a Sunday (on Reindeer Parade day) catching visitors out due to the bizarre and seemingly conflicting parking notice which applies to one side of the road only.

A small yellow rectangle saying 8am-6pm, above a white sign giving restrictions of 1-hour parking on specific days (Monday- Saturday) and times (8.00am-6.00pm). Without very careful study of these notices it is not easy to grasp the subtle difference much less to realise that the two sides of the same street have different rules. Where is the Christmas spirit we were promised? And this barely gives time for regular worshippers to attend the Sunday service. Both sides of the road need to be the same and allow parking all day on Sundays. The yellow sign needs to be removed.

CS Villiers