Parking time limit being considered

March 28 2018
Parking time limit being considered

A TIME limit on parking may be introduced in the vicinity of Stoberry Park school.

February’s PACT (Partners and Communities Together) meeting in Wells Town Hall was told that county council Highways engineers were considering the option to deal with congestion in the area.

Nearby residents have long complained about people parking outside their homes all day and adding to traffic problems when pupils are dropped off and collected from the school.

County councillor Tessa Munt told the PACT meeting that time-limited parking in marked bays, perhaps for two hours, was under discussion, along with other restrictions.
“At the moment there’s nothing to stop people parking there and they park there all day,” she said.

She said that there are 26 roads in Wells where people have asked her for parking or speed limit changes, and that she has passed these on to the Highways team who have come up with solutions for some, and are going to investigate others.

PSCO Donna President told the meeting that Waitrose car park is to be closed to vehicles at 10pm each night from the end of March, following complaints at previous PACT meetings of anti-social behaviour by young car drivers who congregate there.

She said that she had had meetings with Waitrose representatives and said: “The car park used to be closed and will be again.”

She said that police already make regular calls at the car park when out on patrol, and will issue warning letters to people identified as causing a nuisance.

Wells City Council finance officer Steve Luck said that Speed Indicator Devices are going to be put up around Wells to encourage motorists to stick to the speed limits.

Sites suggested for them so far include St Thomas Street, Tor Street, Ash Road, Southover and Wookey Hole Road.

Residents are being asked to contact the city council with suggestions for more sites around Wells where they could be used.

The meeting also heard that traps have been put down to deal with the rats seen regularly around the skate park.