Passing on messages from spirit world

January 31 2018
Passing on messages from spirit world

PSYCHIC medium Hayley Thompson will be passing on messages to people from their dead loved ones at a special event in Wells in May.

The evening of mediumship is being held at The Britannia Inn on Bath Road to raise funds for Gorgons Carnival Club, which is based at the pub.

Up to 100 people can attend the event, where Hayley will channel messages from the spirit world to the audience.

“I let spirit do the work and I will start by giving what I am hearing, seeing and feeling, and then it should relate to someone random in the audience evidentially who will then raise their hand and I will proceed to connect with their loved one,” said Hayley.

Hayley said that she has been aware of her mediumistic ability for about five years.

“It all really came out of nowhere, with regards to things that had started to happen after I had said or thought they were going to happen,” she said.

“It was these moments that led me to go on a journey of discovery, realising that I could deliver evidential messages to people from their deceased loved ones.

“However, everyone has their own opinion with regards to what mediums and psychics are capable of and I completely respect that. What we do though, or at least the ones that I have come across, is work with love and light, and the sheer hope and intent that people will receive comforting and evidential messages from the other side of life.

“During an evening of mediumship I would expect to do just that, deliver messages that are validating for the audience or at least allow the audience to consider what they have witnessed and create their own view or opinion. All in all, it is a demonstration of mediumship and we will see where the spirit world takes us during the evening.

Messages are delivered with love, laughter and tears. I work solely with energy so let’s hope the energy is high. I’m sure it will be and I can’t wait.”

UK law states that mediumship is for experimental, educational and entertainment purposes only and should be strictly for over 18s, and Hayley points out that not everyone who attends is guaranteed a message.

“I’ve never seen a medium before, it’s all new to me,” said organiser Claire Taylor, a member of Gorgons CC.

“Some people who’ve lost people find it comforting. I lost my mum six years ago and I believe in spiritual things but I hope she doesn’t give me any messages because I’ll probably burst into tears.”

Tickets for the event, on Saturday, May 12, cost £10 and are available from Claire on 07929 352067 or Rob Rouse at The Britannia Inn. There will also be a raffle on the night.