Phones collection to help air ambulance

December 29 2021
Phones collection to help air ambulance

CITY of Wells Lions Club is supporting the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance’s mobile phone initiative to recycle unwanted mobile phones to benefit their essential public service.

The club has placed a secure box in the reception at Wells Town Hall where unwanted mobile phones can be left ready for collection. Already many phones have been donated to support this cause.

There are an estimated 60 to 90 million mobile phones languishing in drawers and cupboards around the UK. If these phones end up in landfill sites, their toxic components become a threat to human health and the environment. If the phones are recycled, they eliminate this threat to the environment and also decrease the strain on the planet’s resources.

Reciproc8 ( are removing the component parts from the collected phones all of which helps generate funds for the DSAA.

City of Wells Lions may be contacted by email on or by telephone: 0345 833 6736.