Physio will be missed when rugby re-starts

June 04 2020
Physio will be missed when rugby re-starts

THE pitch is cut and ready to go, it is just the rugby that is missing and of course the important element, the clubhouse, the main source of Wells Rugby Football Club’s income.

But who knows when the local club game will return, it is not exactly a social distancing game.

There has been talk of some sort of a hybrid version without the contact, but is that rugby? We shall have to wait and see what the powers of the game come up with.

In the meantime players are doing what they can to keep fit, cycling, walking and running.

One person who will not be back next year, however, is Mazeie Phillips Hill. The club physio. One of the most respected people in Wells Rugby Club, Mazeie has been the club physio since her first match back in September 2013 when Wells played their first game in the Southern Counties league against Trowbridge.

Since then in fair weather and foul, from Gloucester to Camborne, Bideford to Ivybridge, Mazeie was there with her smile and expertise. Her advice as to whether or not a player could resume, or indeed even play in the future games, was readily accepted by both players and coaches. She was also there during training sessions treating the strains, bruises and bumps which are all part of the game.

Mazeie, who graduated in 2014 with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Sport Therapy and Rehabilitation, is the founder of the highly popular and successful Philgood Rehabilitation, based in Shepton Mallet.

She married her husband Tom in August 2019, the couple celebrated the birth of a daughter, Tilly May, in April.

She will be sorely missed by everybody at Wells Rugby Club.