Effort to slow down drivers includes plans for new Speed Watch group

October 05 2017
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A JOINT initiative has been launched between Mendip Community Speed Watch, St Cuthbert Out Parish Council and the police to address concerns about speeding traffic.

Three sets of Speed Indicator Device (SID) brackets have been installed at sites in Coxley, Easton and Ash Lane, Wells.

The SID unit was positioned in Coxley in September before being moved to Ash Lane and Easton.

The data from these deployments will be analysed and shared between the police, the parish council, the Speed Enforcement Unit and Somerset County Council. It is expected that this exercise will be repeated at other sites within Wells and St Cuthbert Out.

There are plans to set up a Wells Community Speed Watch group soon. Anyone who is interested in volunteering, or who would like to suggest a site to be monitored, should contact Councillor David Ball on 01749 678910, or PC Darren Pearson on 07889 659206.