Project to create wildlife havens in Wells

May 25 2022
Project to create wildlife havens in Wells

MENDIP District Council has launched a pilot project in Wells to unlock pockets of land for community groups to rewild.

As part of its Greener and Cleaner priority, the council is identifying green spaces in Mendip to increase biodiversity and allow nature to thrive. They will be known as Mendip Ecological Areas (MEAs) and will be clearly marked as such.

Mendip is looking for individuals, groups or organisations willing to take on wildflower planting, eco-cutting and other activities in the MEAs to create sustainable habitats for bees, butterflies and other wildlife, to enhance habitats and create corridors for pollinators.

Some of the MEAs in Wells are located at the entrance to Jocelyn Drive from Glastonbury Road and plots of land on the Portway estate. People who are interested in a piece of land in their area should get in touch by emailing and then its suitability as an MEA can be assessed.

The project will run for one year and if successful, the rewilding of other suitable green areas will be rolled out across the district.

Councillor Heather Shearer, Portfolio Holder for Community Health & Services, said: “We are hopeful this project will sow the seeds for many other MEAs and create wildlife havens across the district.

“It will provide an opportunity for communities to work together to create spaces for wildlife to thrive in, and for locals to enjoy.

“If you live in and around the Wells area, and want to make a difference in your community, whilst supporting important pollinators, please email to express interest in this exciting project.”

The Wells MEAs will be managed and maintained by volunteers from the local community and organised by local environmental group, Sustainable Wells, which is a partner with the district council in the scheme, alongside Somerset Wildlife Trust.