Residents losing out as the city expands

January 30 2019

WELLS residents love our High Street, the Square, and the Cathedral with its Bishop’s Palace and moat walk.

New housing has increased our population by over 20 per cent. Great for our councils receiving £millions in additional council tax.

Not good for residents who find they have no new open spaces in which to walk and enjoy activities, and no new car parks to park about 2,000 additional cars. Not good for the visitors. They have nowhere to park. Soon they will stop coming.Goodbye high street.

We gave our views to build into the Local Plan and the Neighbourhood Plan. I stated we should look back with pride at the new estates, being well designed and great places for new residents. Open areas for adults to enjoy where children can play safely, and cars parked off-road.

Mendip District Council planners have not given us what we asked for. We have houses cramped together, with minute gardens and not enough off-road parking. Yes, the Government wants houses, but not crowded into as many as you can get per acre.

Who are the land owners where new parkland and a car park close to the city centre could be located?

The Church Commissioners were approached to extend the moat walk. They refused. They happily sold farmland to Bishops Brook developers who paid £millions. They certainly have the money.

Additional parkland would be a wonderful gesture from the Cathedral to our expanding city.

Roads around the city without yellow lines are full of parked cars making them dangerous single lanes and a nightmare to drive down.

Wells City Council has been asked for years to act. Wells needs more car parks. I understand the Church Commissioners are being asked to consider allowing a car park on their Palace Fields.

It is difficult for residents to make something really significant happen.

If you agree with this letter, write to Wells Voice, our councillors, or our MP James Heappey. Do it now, not later. We want our city to remain beautiful and be a pleasure to live in. So do our future generations.

Should we have a public meeting in the Town Hall? Tell the Wells Voice.

Roger Hancock
Wookey Hole