Residents’ parking schemes have a number of drawbacks

February 27 2019

WE were interested to hear the views of residents discussing the traffic problems in Wells at the recent public meeting, during which a suggestion was made that a residents’ parking scheme should be introduced.

Having had experience of such a scheme elsewhere, we would like to point out the following:

• There are costs to residents, who must purchase permits for each car to be parked on the road, with the charge for a second and subsequent vehicle being higher and a maximum number of vehicles for each household.

• Additional tickets must be purchased for every visitor/trader calling to the permitholder’s home.

• Spaces are not allocated to people outside their own houses.

• The tickets purchased are only valid for a small area around the owner’s street, and if all the spaces are taken parking must be paid for elsewhere. In other words, ticketholders are not guaranteed a place to park.

• It is possible that the space available will not accommodate the number of cars owned, especially where there are lines of terraced houses, and given that many homes will have more than one car.

Our own situation resulted in easier parking during the day but still meant a scramble in the evenings.

We agree that action must be taken, promptly, to increase parking in order to maintain our delightful city, which is so welcoming to visitors and new residents.

Andy and Helen Ball
By email