Road so bad it nearly shook off bonnet

February 27 2020

TOR Street being closed for resurfacing due to a “steady decline in the condition of the surface” is a necessary evil, but potholes in Tor Street are no new thing.

In November 1910 a letter appeared in the local paper on just this subject:

Dear Sir,
Will you allow an old lady to call attention to the state of the road in Tor Street. For many months past I have suffered acutely in my old bones from the rutty and wholly bad condition of the road.
I am told that my groans can be distinctly heard in the Market Place as I traverse this road om my way to and from your beautiful city.
On one occasion I was so terribly shaken about that my bonnet nearly came off. Trusting that the city surveyor will pay attention to a poor lady’s complaint.
I am yours respectfully,

It may be 100 years later but Sarah, your request has been fulfilled.

Clare Blackmore
By email