Scandalous to dig up road again

January 31 2020

THE A39 from Wells to Glastonbury is a Class A road, and a busy one; however, it is rarely without traffic control due to various utilities digging up the road.

Over the past 25 years, the users of this busy road have suffered enough. We have recently experienced long delays for close on five months of traffic lights, only to be told that the same company are coming back to give us another session of delays. It is quite scandalous.

Traffic queues are sometimes as far back as Wells, and on the Glastonbury side well past the old Camelot Inn. The amount of pollution caused by hundreds of static cars ‘ticking over’ must be considerable.

The traffic queues are sometimes longer on weekends, these are days when the workers don’t turn in for work, it is too expensive for the utilities to pay ‘double time’, they have ‘shareholders’ to consider, so the public line up in mile-long queues instead.

It is quite incredible how people put up with it. They certainly don’t in France and Germany where the utilities have to pay rent for digging up public roads. In those countries utilities have to get on with the work and get the roads back in the shortest time to their rightful owner; the public.

Vehicle owners pay for our roads through taxation, they also have to get to work or to take children to school etc. Enough is enough.

It is time to stop giving our roads away to companies who will take just as long as they like to complete a job. It’s time to change the rules in favour of the proper road owners, The Public.

Haydn Davies
Wells Reclamation