Short corner routines serve Mids well

January 30 2019
Short corner routines serve Mids well

MID Somerset started the day off eager and hungry for the game at Westbury & UB A on January 12, and although Westbury & UB started well, Mids found the switch and turned the game around.

After multiple attempts on the counter-attack, Westbury & UB weakened. The Mid Somerset attacking half startled the opposition, causing them to start playing football, leading to a short corner.

The huddle of Joshua Higgs, Ollie Smart, Chris Young and Roger Knife produced mesmerising creative ideas. The straight drag flick is chosen. Higgs confidently steps up to the mark. A cannon from Steve Tinnion to Knife at the top of the D set Higgs up with the time and opportunity to perform. A powerful low flick was generated and sneaked into the bottom right corner after taking a deflection off the post-man’s foot.

Westbury & UB pressed again but after a Mids counter-attack, another short corner was awarded. After catching their breath, Smart stood for the second drag flick of the day. Tinnion produced a godly injection, Higgs with the textbook stop and Smart with the dramatic drag flick into the top left bins.

Soon after, a sneaky bait was placed by Baker meaning a foot was available. The seed was planted and the plant grew. Short corner number three was awarded. Tinnion produced another magical injection and the sharp switch from Higgs to Young was executed. Young stopped the ball and aimed at the inviting goal. The Westbury keeper was agile and saved the shot bringing the ball back into play at the P spot. Baker was standing waiting, he lunged lower than ever before and swept the ball proudly into the goal.
After a questionable celebration it was three short corners, three goals. Simply majestic.

The start of the second half of the season saw Mid Somerset host Bridgwater. Given the previous defeat against Bridgwater, Mids were determined to even the score. This match was definitely one for the spectators with end to end action throughout, in this David vs Goliath match with Bridgwater sitting second in the table.

Mids were first to claim a goal when Joel Irons managed to tuck one past the downed keeper following an interesting short corner routine. Despite Mids’ best efforts to hold the lead into half time a perfectly placed deflection found its way past keeper Jim Wall who had been a wall up until that point.

The second half continued as the first half had with multiple shots each end. Mids however had more success in the opposition’s D with Maxwell, in similar fashion to the first, tucking a shot in around the keeper for what proved to be the winning goal.