Showcase for great variety of crib sets

December 29 2021
Showcase for great variety of crib sets

HUNDREDS of visitors admired the dozens of crib sets displayed at the Crib Festival in St Cuthbert’s Church.

The event had to be called off in 2020 but was back this year on the second weekend of December.

In one of the huge variety of Nativity scenes, the characters were all vegetables, in another they were bears. There was a Nativity display made from soft drink cans, and one created from pieces of cheese.

There were angels too, and an area where children could dress up in Nativity costumes.

The first such festival was held in the church in 2014 at the suggestion of Sue Harding.

“I thought it would be an excuse to show off my Nativity sets as I collect them,” said Sue, who owns more than 100.

“I never thought that it would grow but it took off. I’m thrilled.”

Money raised from the festival goes to the church and to a number of charities.