Something must be done about chaotic situation in North Road

October 31 2018

TWO site meetings were held in October on the chaos of North Road in Wells.

The first was on October 4, when I spoke to Mendip District Council Deputy Leader, Cllr Tom Killen, and the prospective Conservative candidate for the district election for St Thomas’ Ward, Richard Greenwell. Their timing was perfect for them to see at first hand the children arriving to Stoberry Park Primary School. They were able to witness for themselves the traffic building up and causing mayhem outside the gates and along North Road. This twice daily chaotic situation is exacerbated by the Wells Cathedral School having no parking on site for employees and sixth form students who choose to drive to school. The fact that it is also a local shortcut to Bath Road is adding to the dangers of this very busy road.

The second visit was made by James Heappey, MP for Wells, on October 5. He met with me to discuss Somerset County Council’s decision not to lay double yellow lines on this dangerous stretch of North Road. This measure, due to be completed at the same time as lines were laid on Welsford Avenue, Burcott Road and St John Street several months ago, had been passed by Wells City Council and ‘signed off’ by the Highways Department at Somerset County Council, but was ‘postponed’ by Cllr Tessa Munt.

James spent approximately an hour talking about the road and both schools. He walked the area and took with him photographs of the traffic and documentation that I have collected and collated over the last four years.

An accident is waiting to happen involving another vehicle or – far more seriously – a child. Something has to done about this situation, once and for all.

Wendy Payne
Stoberry Residents Association Campaigner

Tessa Munt responds: As Wendy and her neighbours know, I have met with them, with representatives from local employers, school parents and staff, and with members of the county council’s Highways’ team to discuss safety and parking provision in the area around Stoberry School.

I take everyone’s concerns extremely seriously and we are all working to find a solution as soon as is practicable.

There are a number of initiatives under consideration and I await responses from those involved. As anyone who attends PACT (Police & Community Together) meetings will know, residents in over 30 other roads in Wells have requested changes to parking, access, crossings and speed limits too. Making changes in one area may have a detrimental impact on others, so I am grateful to the Highways team for the time, expertise and help they have given to working through the issues in this particular part of Wells.

I look forward to working with residents further, and would encourage anyone who wishes to discuss any matter to contact me by calling 01934 440639; emailing; texting 07714 599669, or coming to my surgery between 8.30am and 10am on the first Saturday of November or December at Coffee No 1 in Wells High Street.