Tables give Square a delightful charm

August 27 2020

I’M writing in connection with Chris Borrison’s recently published letter ref Wells Market Square and the potential this has for a highly agreeable piazza-style facility.

I support this general idea and believe that, if sensibly done, it could add significantly to the Square’s attractiveness. In fact, there already seems to be an enthusiastic trend in this piazza direction as restaurant owners move tables outside creating a more “human”, amiable environment that will surely please visitors and residents. Indeed, I haven’t seen a dull face since this trend started. Everyone seems delighted; and as a resident myself living close to the Square I find threading my way between tables and diners enjoying themselves more satisfying than squeezing myself between lines of parked cars.

So, I hope this charming innovation will establish itself and be met with the general municipal support that I believe it merits. I’m confident that given a powerful green light, restaurants fringing the Square will rise even higher to the challenge and transform their surroundings to something truly eye-catching and alluring.

I’m sure they will.

Jon Savery