Tending garden has been real pleasure

October 27 2021

IT is with great regret I will no longer tend the garden for the residents of Wells Almshouse Trust – the private communal gardens behind St Cuthbert’s Church.

I would like to thank them all for their support, interest and friendly co-operation throughout the years since 2017 when I first volunteered. In particular when the garden proudly picked up the Wells Gold Cup in 2019. 

I have enjoyed working all weathers, all seasons, organising the tasks for occasional Heads Up visits and have worked through the Covid crisis by attending early hours from 6.30am, when light allows, in order to leave the site before residents need the space. Naturally during the pandemic, there have been no public Open Days. This was regrettable as the garden looked its very best in summer 2020 in my opinion.

I volunteered to tend the garden in 2017 after attending an Open Day. The residents had managed to maintain the garden wonderfully since Wilf Beer, one of the  residents who had cared for it for 25 years, was no longer able to do so. I have tended Bubwith and Stills/Willes and Bricks gardens for four years without a break. I continue my regular gardening career – and have taken on a couple of new projects – the maintenance of a friend’s allotment and working with a local community project who made contact through Wells Community Network, whom I support. I look forward to keeping in touch with the wonderful residents of Wells Almshouses, whom I regard as friends. Thank you to you all.  

Christine Costello
By email